Neco is not only a performing artist, he is also a talented and inspiring facilitator. During the last years he has developed his own pedagogy to share his fascination for sounds and rhythms. Neco works with children from the age of 4 till 18, with refugees at asylum centers and runs creativity and teambuilding workshops with numerous professionals in organisations. 

His approach is based on the belief that every being has its own natural rhythm and sound. It’s a matter of getting it out. If people feel free and start moving and making sounds they can start to discover their body, their sounds and their creativity. Instead of following a fixed teaching curriculum, Neco creates space to discover, to be inspired, to play and to be surprised. This is done by a process of observing, enriching and sharing. 

Neco has worked as a music teacher/coach at the Amsterdam Music School, at HumanKind (childcare centers) and for Stichting the Vrolijkheid.

You can book Neco as a creative facilitator for all-round music coaching, private lessons (singing, guitar, percussion), for music workshops for children and for creativity sessions for professionals. Send an email to:

Never too young to make music!

Although music is more and more an important element for education, there is hardly any attention for music in schools and day-care centers. This is a great shame since especially young children love to play music, dance and sing. If children are free to play with instruments in their own way they start moving, dancing and finding their own rhythm. It is then when the magic happens; that children start to explore their own body, their own sounds and their own creativity. Children can do so much more musically than we think! It just needs to be stimulated.

For this reason my dream is for every school to have it’s own music atelier. An atelier of sounds. An atelier provides a free and safe space for children to discover music. In their own time and in their own way the children can grab instruments and start to play. For the very young ones there are simple instruments such as a bell or a little drum. For the older children there are guitars and a keyboard. There is also the possibility to compose and to record. The kids do not have to follow a fixed program. They are free to discover instruments, sounds and rhythms. There is no teacher but a ‘music mentor’ (a trained staff member) who directs the children to all the existing possibilities.

“Dance to your own rhythm”

Neco gives workshops and private lessons in Dutch, English, Portugees and Spanish