Neco (birthname Anselmo) grew up in Mozambique as part of the Chopi tribe famous for its timbila music. From a young age Neco was emersed in music. Discovering different sounds was part of growing up. At home, school, church and in nature. This musical experience brought Neco to Maputo, South Africa, Portugal (to study classical guitar and singing) and to Codarts in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

His musical style developed itself by a curiosity of sounds. He was influenced by local African music, classical music, folk, jazz and improvisation, thereby creating his own unique universal sound. Neco has produced 5 cd’s, has given concerts throughout Europe, Africa and Latin America with his family band Neco Novellas and is constantly cooperating with numerous artists such as the Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra, Mathilde Santing, Tanja Kross, and currently with Ernst Reijsiger. Neco is permanently looking for new ways to capture and translate his fascination for sounds.

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Besides being a composer, singer, guitarist and solo artist Neco is a creative facilitator specialised in vocal and rhythm workshops. He coaches aspiring musicians, forms bands, gives numerous workshops and has developed an own pedagogy for working with children. For more information click Workshops.

     Photo by Krijn van Noordwijk

photo by Krijn van Noordwijk